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Catching Fire(1st)
(The Hunger Games, Book 2)
by Suzanne Collins
Hardcover, 391 Pages, Published 2009 by Scholastic Press
Best Of
ISBN-13: 978-0-439-02349-8, ISBN: 0-439-02349-1

Boxed Set #1-5
by Suzanne Collins
Paperback, Published 2009 by Scholastic Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-0-545-16681-2, ISBN: 0-545-16681-0

The Hunger Games
by Suzanne Collins
Paperback, 400 Pages, Published 2009 by Scholastic
ISBN-13: 978-1-4071-0908-4, ISBN: 1-4071-0908-1

Die Tribute von Panem. Tödliche Spiele(1st Edition)
by Suzanne Collins , Suzanne Collins (Autor) , Sylke Hachmeister (Übersetzer) , Peter Klöss (Übersetzer) , Collins Suzanne , Sylke Hachmeister
Gebundene Ausgabe, 416 Pages, Published 2009 by Oetinger
ISBN-13: 978-3-7891-3218-6, ISBN: 3-7891-3218-7

Standard Common and Current Scientific Names for North American Amphibians, Turtles, Reptiles and Crocodilians(6th Edition)
by Joseph T. Collins , Suzanne L. Collins , Travis W. Taggart
Paperback, 52 Pages, Published 2009 by Center For North American Herpetology
ISBN-13: 978-0-9721937-1-9, ISBN: 0-9721937-1-5

Gregor und das Schwert des Kriegers
Szenische Lesung
by Collins Suzanne , Suzanne Collins
Audio, Published 2009 by Oetinger Media Gmbh
ISBN-13: 978-3-8373-0413-8, ISBN: 3-8373-0413-2

Los Juegos del Hambre = The Hunger Games
by Suzanne Collins
Library, 346 Pages, Published 2009 by Turtleback Books
ISBN-13: 978-0-606-14949-5, ISBN: 0-606-14949-X

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